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Re: Evan's post

With regard to your request for information for V.S. Shraydman, I think there is a very high probability that the name was
transcribed incorrectly, and that the correct name is Shraybman.

Incidentally, there is a different Shrybman who was interviewed with
regard to Zhitomir cemeteries (in the document you originally cited).
Concerning Cemetery #1: He is listed as "Shtraybman Grigoriy
Concerning Cemetery #3: He is listed, differently, as "Shraybman
Grigoriy Mikhaylovich."

The second is probably closer to the Ukrainian pronunciation.

It's a long shot, but I will ask members of the SIG, as you have done,
whether anyone knows anything of G.M. Shraybman - whether he is alive,
and if so, whether there is contact information available.
He might well remember whether Shrybmans - perhaps his relatives -
were buried in those cemeteries to which he had a connection.


Marty Thomas
researching SHRAIBMAN - Zhitomir; Schreibmann - Paris; Shrybman -
Canada and USA

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