Tracing the family of Milek Russ #galicia

David Scriven

Many people who had relatives in the Drohobych region will have
photographs produced by Wilhelm Russ, who is reputed to be a
relative of my g-grandfather Dawid Russ. Wilhelm had two sons,
Gustav who survived the war as one of Berthold Beitz's rescued and
Maximillian aka Milek, who fled to Alma-Ata (now Almaty,
Kazakhstan) and then made his way to Palestine. In the online book
about Boryslaw ' \The Tysmienica still flows', it is mentioned that
Milek was the secretary of the 'Do not forget Boryslaw' committee in
Tel Aviv. Later it is mentioned that Milek was shot in Nablus while
walking with his family (this must have been before 1948). Does
anyone know what happened to his family - and, if not, has anyone a
suggestion as to how I might find them or their descendents?

David Scriven,
Vancouver, Canada

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