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I have known for quite a while that my wife's great-grandmother was born Ida
(Ite) SAFRIN, that she came to the US >from Czernovitz around 1905, and that
her father's name was Jacob SAFRIN. Ida died in New York in 1932 at the
approximate age of 75. I believe she had a maternal half-brother in the US.

I just found a JOWBR entry for a Tyna (Esther) WEISSGLAS, buried in
Chernovtsy/Chernivtsi, who also the daughter of one Jacob SAFRIN. Tyna died
in 1929, was clearly an adult, but no age is given on the headstone, and no
information that would give a clue as to her age or any relationships. She
is listed as "Ishah Tznuah V'yeshara" (a modest and upright woman).

There is also a burial for a 17-year-old Feibush WEISSGLAS in 1919. No other
WEISSGLAS burials in the Chernivtsi cemetery. Perhaps he was Tyna's son.

So given the population of Chernivtsi, the time period, the surname, and the
number of burials in the Chernivtsi cemetery records, what is the likelihood
that the two Jacob SAFRINs are the same person?

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ

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