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I would also be very interested in any resources in Paris-France
regarding Jewish ancestors: I am searching for a Great Uncle on my
husband's side who emigrated >from the Ukraine to France. His last
name was SCHNEIDER, & family stories have it that he was an officer
in the military during WWI. I have found his sister's emigration
record; she had her last place of residence as Paris, staying with
her brother, so we have that verification, but no one in the family
remembers the brother's first name!
Three other siblings were born: 1875 (Jacob), 1886 (Nathan), and 1890
(Alice-Alte), and the emigrations all took place in 1903-1910 time
period. The 3 siblings mentioned all came to the USA. There was
also another brother who emigrated to S. Africa, & I'm still trying
to find him as well. I've looked at records on JewishGen & posted
there, but haven't seen any family listed in thr 1880-1900 time
period that had 5 children with those names.
Any suggestions as to research direction in France or S. Africa would
be greatly appreciated!

Holly Cohen
Brewster, NY, USA


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