Zulice and Bialy Kamien #galicia

Michael Waas


I propose an interesting research question that maybe
someone can answer. I have noticed in the past that for
Bialy Kamien and its surrounding towns, there is a rather
large influx of Jews with origins in Zulice, near Lublin in

Does anyone know what connections Lublin had with
the area surrounding Bialy Kamien? This is of particular
interest to me and my cousins as two families we are
researching the PARNES family and the TENNEN family
have members in Bialy Kamien who come out of Zulice
(and they are not isolated either, there is over 50
records indicating this with many different family units).
I know Lublin has an important place in the rabbinic
world of Eastern Europe.

The research question is in two parts: 1) What was the
connection between Lublin and Tarnopol, specifically Bialy
Kamien, Zloczow, and Sasow? and 2) What led to such an
obviously significant movement >from Zulice near Lublin to
Tarnopol, presumably sometime between 1850 and 1880?

I have sent this question to Gesher Galicia, JewishGen
Discussion Group, and RavSIG.

Please reply privately.

Best Regards,

Michael Waas
Sarasota, FL

(Tarnopol, Galicia)

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