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Eliana Aizim

I found in Ancestry/ Canada/ Ocean Arrivals (Form 30A) a document called
Declaration of Passenger to Canada. It´s for my great-grandmother who lived
in Peschanka, Podolia Gub., Ukraine. On the back side of this document it says
that her passport was issued in 1923 in Zhitomir, Wolhianen. My three questions:
Did she have to go to Zhitomir to get her passport? Does the fact that she had a
passport mean that she could leave Ukraine legally? How come my g-gmother
could get a passport in 1923 to travel to Canada, but my grandmother and two
children could not get one in 1922 to travel to Brazil, so they had to flee
from Ukraine? (both my g-gmother and gmother lived in Podolia Gub.)
Eliana AIZIM
from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

AIZIM, AISIN, AIZEN, AISEN: Lugansk, Yekaterinoslav Gub., Ukraine.
GUREVICH: Yuzovka, Yekaterinoslav Gub., Ukraine.
VATNICK, WHITE: Peschanka, Podolia Gub., Ukraine.
AVERBUCH: Kryzhopol, Zhabokrich, Podolia Gub., Ukraine.

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