Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Calling on all Descendants of Former residents of Klishkivtsi, Ukraine and its vicinity #ukraine


Shalom to all,
My father and ancestors several generations before him were born and lived in a Shtetl called by the Jews, Klishkovitz, without the necessity of leaving their village, their citizenship and name of their village changed numerous times. Turkish, Russian, Romanian, Soviet Russia, Romanian again, Soviet Russia again and today part of Ukraine called Klishkivtsi.
This town was established about 300 years ago (if not more) and at its peak before WWI the town had a majority Jewish population (more than 50 percent). Today not a single Jew lives there any more.
Today, None of the local residents remember (or want to remember)(except maybe for some very old, old timers) that there was a Jewish presence in Klishkivtsi and the contribution the Jews made to this town.
After having visited Klishkivtsi last year (May 2010) I would like in some way to change all this with some of your help.
I would like to start by forming a world-wide internet discussion group of descendants of former residents of Klishkivtsi and neighboring towns, Malintsy, Zaroshan, Shirovtsy, Nedoboyevtsy, Kolenkovtsy and others, since all these towns are just a few miles/kilometers North,East, South or West of Klishkivtsi. Because of the nearness of one town to the other, Genealogically speaking residents of these towns were solidly tied in marriage knots one with the other. So please descendants of families >from Klishkivtsi and its vicinity contact me personally so we can start the ball rolling and see where this discussion group will lead us.
Aizic Sechter
Rishon Le Zion, Israel

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately. You should also (if you have not already done so, check the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF) at to see who else is researching these places.

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