Janiv/Janowska work camp Lvov #galicia

Joseph Hirschfield

There are two large memorials at the entrance to the former
Janiv/Janowska work camp in Lviv. One is a huge boulder with
inscriptions in Russian, Ukrainian and English which was
dedicated in 1993. The other is a large placard in Russian and
English, dedicated in 2003.

Entry onto the grounds of the camp is forbidden.

If anyone is interested in pictures of these memorials, please
let me know. Attachments to this email are not allowed for this

Joseph Hirschfield
Portage, MI
LINDENBAUM - Skwarzawa, Sielec, Bienkow, Jarzczow Nowy,
Glinyany - Galicia; MINOWICKI, MINOWITZKI, MINOFF - Brest
Litovsk, Wysoko-Litovsk - Belarus

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