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David R. Brill

Since this is often a source of confusion, I would like to clarify that
Tulchin (Podolia Gubernia) is *not* the same town as Tuchin (Volhynia
Gubernia). Currently, there is no KehilaLinks page for Tulchin, although the
JewishGen locality page for Tulchin gives basic data (including Jewish
population figures).

David R. Brill
Cherry Hill, NJ USA
researching in Tuchin: ZAICHIK, LIKHTER

James Gutterman wrote:

Can I find out how many Jewish people lived in Tulchin in the
1880s-1906? Is the information on Jewish Gen and if so, where?

Ruth Sackheim
Chicago, IL

If this is the same town as Tuchin, there is a shetlink page, altho
hasn't been updated for a while, that has good info

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