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Sherri Venezia


My paternal side, the Waldmann, Franz and Blau family, apparently
came >from Berdichev, now Ukraine, but in the Russian Empire when they
left starting in 1891. How can I find the census, tax poll records,
Metrical books or Cadastral records so that I can actually locate
these family records. The family "lore" was that great grandmother
Rebecca Franz (maiden name Waldmann) came >from what she said was
"Bedicheva" in "Russia". I have not been able to find anything
already translated (like the Poland-JRI for my Galician side) into
English that I can actually read.

Any help would be appreciated. I was able to locate some Russian
language Metrical references on the LDS site, but that is about all
and I have not ordered the film nor figured out how to translate
these without the services of someone who is sitting next to me
during the microfiche search.

Thanks in advance,

Sherri Venezia
Davis, CA


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