Ukraine SIG #Ukraine What papers were required to travel from Ukraine to the UK circa 1900? #ukraine


My grandparents, Rubin (Reuven, son of Simche) GOLDBERG b. abt 1881 and
Chane (Anna R) GOLDBERG b. abt 1879, emigrated first to the UK, London
&/or Liverpool, >from the towns of Kolki and Gorodok, Volyn, Ukraine.
Rubin came to the US via Philadelphia in 1904. Annie followed in 1907
with their son Leo (Levi) Goldberg, aboard the S.S. Zeeland out of
Antwerp to New York, through Ellis Island. Anna did not write or read English
even later in life, so I assume neither did Rubin, but he died in 1931 before I
could know him. This was circa 1900-1907; Jews living in the UK, speaking
mostly Yiddish and Anna probably staying with relatives while Rubin was
in America for 3 years before her. What possible paperwork can I look for that allowed them to travel >from
Ukraine to the UK? What documents (besides the ship's manifest), might
have had their names, background etc, either as ID, travel permission,
like a Passport or Visa? Where would the records for those applications be now -
in Ukraine or the UK?

Thank you,
Carolyn Rutherford
Batavia, (Cincy), Ohio USA
formerly of Milwaukee, Wisconsin!/CMR_Gen

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