Re: New features added to the All Galicia Database #galicia

Linda Schildkraut <lindaschildkraut@...>

I have tried and tried. But even using asterisks, I got zero hits
for any listings of a last name beginning with SCH or SH within
10 miles of Bobrka. Not possible. Is there something wrong with
the web site or search engine?

Linda Schildkraut

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Brooke Schreier Ganz <asparagirl@...> wrote:

Gesher Galicia is happy to announce that we've added two new
features to the All Galicia Database, located at .

The first of them is the ability to do searches based on geographical
location. Now you can limit your searches to records that come
from within a given number of kilometers >from a list of major
Galician towns. So, for example, you can now search the database
for everyone with the surname "Cohen" who lived within 15 km of
Lviv (Lwow), or everyone with the given name "Rifka" who lived
within 75 km of Nadvirna (Nadworna), and so on....

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