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Pat Hamilton

Please help my family research by trying to read the name given by her husband Nathan CHORNEY in 1920 in Philadelphia, PA, USA when he applied for naturalisation.

I have posted the relevant section of this document to Viewmate. Number 25259.

Is it possible to look at marriage licenses, such as theirs? Might it give additional information?

Nathan CHORNEY was the brother of my grandfather Lionel BLACK. They were sons of Tsal Tcherny (>from Lionel's name - Levi-Itzkhok Tsalevich TCHERNY) and born in Belaya Tserkov in Kiev Gubernia.

Nathan reached USA on the 'Amerika' in 1913, via Hamburg, aged 19 (b 1893) but I cannot read what he gave as his father's name, so will post that too, but it does not look like Tsal or Saul.

In 1947 when Nathan Chorney applied for a US Social Security number he gave his parents' names as Charles Chorney and Esther BRODY.

He named his daughter Esther in 1931 - did he know (or assume) that his mother was dead? We have no proof that his mother was an Esther BRODY. (She would be my great-grandmother). Where was she from?
Lionel was much older, born 1885 - so were there siblings in between? Lionel came to London, England in 1912 with wife and two sons.

They each translated their surname in different ways: Nathan CHORNEY in USA, and Lionel BLACK in London, England.

Although these brothers did not give the same name for their father on the few documents we can find - they did both say they came >from the same town, now in Ukraine.

I really would like to know who their parents were, when married, and how many children they had. Any help would be much appreciated.

Pat Hamilton (Black)

CHORNY, Belaya Tserkov;   DIVINSKY Vasil'kov,  MANOWITZ, ?  Russsia,


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