Blazowa Records? #galicia

Philip Trauring

I'm looking for birth records >from Blazowa. According to RTR
there are no 19th century records at all, except a list of property
owners >from 1819-1820. I looked up the town in the LDS
catalog and see a number of Catholic church record sets,

FHL INTL Film 1257431 Items 7-11: deaths 1852-1874,
marriages 1784-1872, births 1846-1871
FHL INTL Film 1257432 Item 1: marriages 1831-1862
FHL INTL Film 1257432 Items 4-5: births 1838-1861, 1840-1863
FHL INTL Film 753060: births 1784-1846
FHL INTL Film 753061: births 1784-1856, marriages 1784-1858
FHL INTL Film 753062: marriages 1844-1859, death 1784-1852

Does anyone know if these films might contain Jewish records as
well? Has anyone found other records >from Blazowa? I know
especially in earlier years the church did record Jewish records,
but considering no Jewish records exist for Blazowa, is it possible
that the church recorded records in Blazowa longer than


Philip Trauring

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