Ukraine SIG #Ukraine INTRO - researching MINOSAVITCH & BOJN families from Lomza or Plock gubernias #ukraine

Beryl and Gabi Otvos <berylandgabi@...>

Hello UkraineSig,

I have just joined the group and have been doing genealogy research for 2 years.
I live in a London suburb in the UK and my native language is English.
However, my husband is able to read the cyrillic alphabet should that
be necessary.
My primary research goals now are to be able to find out exactly where
my grandparents came >from and when they came to the UK.

The family names and ancestral locations relevant to the Ukraine SIG are:
MINOSAVITCH and BOJN - Lomza or Plock gubernias, Poland before July, 1888
GOLDSTEIN - This is the name used by my BOJN paternal grandfather on
arrival in London, UK at whatever date he arrived in the UK.

Beryl Otvos

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