Searching Winkler-Landsman-Ornstein-Jolles-Brill relations #galicia

Allan Dolgow <AllanDolgow@...>

Assisting a member of the Central Valley Holocaust Educators'
Network who is looking for information on ancestors and
descendants or any search references. The facts given me, some
with approximate date ranges; the source of this information was
a taped recollection >from a family member:

1. Father: Joachim (Chaim) WINKLER, born between 1854 and 1846
(exact year not known) in Kalush, Austrian Galicia; died January 12,
1938 in Lvov. A widower with 3 sons and a daughter >from the
first wife.

2. Father's first wife: Ethel LANDSMAN, died in 1898. Sons were
Leon born 6/26/1887, died 1941-1943; Isidor (or Esau) born
1/10/1883, died 1941-1943; and Felix born 8/10/1884, died

3. Ethel's daughter born 1885 Dora (or Dorothea or Deborah).
Married Samuel BRILL, a builder, in 1913 and lived in Czernowitz.
Their children were Trudy born 1923, died August 2007 in
Jerusalem, and Herbert, married and two children.

4. Father's second wife: Paula ORNSTEIN came >from Sambor. Son
Joseph WINKLER born April 19, 1903; two years later another son
who may have died in 1941 and a daughter in 1906, but lived only
a few weeks. Paula had two brothers and a sister Rosa. Her parents
owned a grocery store. One brother went to Hungary for work. The
second brother, Herman ORNSTEIN, had a large store in Sambor.
His daughter's name was Rosa. She married Solomon JOLLES and
moved to Galatz, Romania.

5. Rosa died in 1933. However her daughter Etelka JOLLES
migrated to New York and married Bernard JOLLES. The JOLLES had
a tie factory in New York and may have lived in Rockville Center, NY.
The son was a classical pianist. Bernard's sister lived in Pittsburgh,
PA, and bought a hotel in Miami.

6. Other relatives' names: Arthur WINKLER, a cousin living in the
Bronx NY in 1933, may have died in 1935. Julius WINKLER living
in Brookline, MA. He had two children: Emil, a lawyer with an
office on State St, Boston until 1973, and a daughter who
married a printer. Julius had a brother, Philip WINKLER.

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