Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Looking for Schurjin relatives (probably form Dnepropetrovsk) #ukraine


Dear Genners,

I'm trying to determine where my great grandfather Simon Schurjin
lived/was born before he immigrated to Argentina in 1906.
Simon was born in 1883, his parents were Lazar and Dvora Schurjin, and he
was a Cohen. So far I couldn't find any other relatives.
He married my great grandmother, Rebeca Elimelech who was >from
Dnepropetrovsk. I'm not sure if they married prior to their arrival to Argentina.
Their first son, Israel Raul Schurjin, a famous painter, was born in Mendoza,
Argentina in February 1907.

There was a group of immigrants >from Dnepropetrovsk to Mendoza in February
1906 (Ship Aragon). I would like to find the passengers list to see if
they arrived in that Ship. Any ideas how to access the ship manifest will be
greatly appreciated. I can't find any information about their arrival to
Argentina either.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!!

Sylvia Walowitz,
Waibsnaider/Weibschnaider (Yampoll)
Kozodoy (Pokatilovo)
Perman, Minond, Liponezky (Novopoltavka)
Elimelech/Elimelej (Dnepropetrovsk)

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