Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Viewmate identification & translation request -- Russian #ukraine


Dear Genners:

I've posted a photo and an inscription (28244 & 28245). I'd appreciate:

1) information about the man--about when would the photo have been taken,
what kind of outfit is he wearing (is it military garb)?
I'm assuming he's an ancestor, possibly >from Kyiv or the environs,
perhaps Radomyshl.

2) word for word (direct) translation of the inscription on the back
of the photo.

Both were affixed to a plate-like card measuring 2.5" x 4", which
may help pinpoint the period during which the photo was taken.

You can view both at the following address:

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much.

Evan Fishman
Cherry Hill, NJ


BURSTEIN--Radomyshl, Ukraine; WINARSKY,UDIN--Kiev, Ukraine
MANDELSTEIN, LISNITZER--Starokonstantinov, Ukraine
LISNITZER--Izyaslav, Ukraine; ADELMAN/EDELMAN--Krasilov, Ukraine
PRESSEISEN--Ostrog, Ukraine; FISHMAN--Terespol, Poland
FINKEL--Brest Litovsk, Belarus

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