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Pamela Weisberger

Dear IAJGS Conference Attendees:

In addition to the IAJGS Conference programs listed in the July 19,
2013 digest of Gesher Galicia & the IAJGS Conference, we want to list
some other programs being presented by our members that may be of
interest to those researching Galicia & more:

Sunday, August 4 - Franklin Room, 4th Floor

3:15PM - 5:00 PM - Film: "General Anders Army"

This documentary tells the fascinating story of the Poles deported
from Eastern Poland to USSR, evacuating >from USSR after Germany
attacked and forming an army that fought in Italy. Many of the Jewish
soldiers who were in the Anders Army were >from Galicia and film
contains original footage; The film will be presented by Julian
Bussgang, who was born in Lviv (Lwow) and is a longtime member of
Gesher Galicia. (Julian presented a memorable talk at the Polish
Embassy in Washington during the DC 2011 IAJGS Conference on this
topic, so you won't want to miss this film and discussion afterwards.)

Wednesday, August 6 - Plaza Ballroom, Mezzanine

2:00PM - 3:15PM - "Books of Residents and Other Valuable Polish
Sources" ( i.e., sources in addition to metrical records )- Fay and
Julian Bussgang

Even if vital records for Polish towns are missing or incomplete, you
may be able to gather significant information about your family from
lesser-known but extremely valuable sources. The most informative of
these are Books of Residents (Ksiegi Ludnosci). These 19th=9620th
century municipal registration books, which have survived for many
towns, contain detailed information, organized by address, about all
the inhabitants in each household who had their legal residence in
that community. Other useful documents include survivor and ghetto
lists, kahal and synagogue records, notary records, city and business
directories, regional almanacs, passport applications, and
professional and military records. Examples of data >from the above
sources will be shown as illustration.


I also want to bring another program to your attention. I'm
moderating a panel of archival experts which will be an entire 75
minutes devoted to your questions and their answers. Many researchers
find their ancestry crosses modern borders and the records are held in
a variety of archives. This session will offer nine archival experts
to offer guidance on where and how to search. In some cases the US
Holocaust Memorial Museum, the LDS FamilySearch, or the Central
Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) in Jerusalem may
have microfilmed or digitized records held in foreign archives, so you
may discover other ways to find the information you need without
traveling abroad or hiring a researcher. On the other hand, there are
some records which can only be found in the archives and you'll learn
about those, along with how to expand your research beyond just vital
records. Here is the info:

Wednesday, August 6 - Imperial Ballroom

3:30PM - 5:00PM - "Ask the Archival Experts"

Are you an experienced genealogist with a research problem you=92ve
found insurmountable or a budding beginner seeking guidance on where
to start your =93rigid search" (as Jonathan Safran Foer put it in
=93Everything is Illuminated) in overseas archives? Get help from
experts who are knowledgeable about archives >from Budapest to
Berdychiv, Lviv to Lodz, Jihlava to Jerusalem. You'll learn what's
new at a variety of international research hubs and what's planned for
the future of Jewish genealogical archival research. Internet
resources for accessing digital archival content will be covered and
no question is too difficult or demanding. Audience participation =96
if you know something they don=92t =96 will be part of the mix.

Our Experts:
Alexander Dunai - Ukraine, Poland & Galicia
Howard Margol - Lithuania
Lenka Matusikova - Czech Repulic
E. Randol Schoenberg - Austria & the Czech Republic
Robinn Magid - Poland
Zsuzsanna Toronyi - Hungary
Israel Pickholtz - Israel
Yefim Kogan - Bessarabia & Romania
Pamela Weisberger - Poland, Hungary & Galicia

If you cannot attend the conference -- or can't make every session --
most of the talks will be offered as audio (and some video)
recordings, and selected talks, including "Ask the Archival Experts"
will be offered as an online streaming presentation for a fee. Look
for the word LIVE! in the online program schedule. The conference
organizers will be providing info on that soon.

Pamela Weisberger
Gesher Galicia

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