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Dear Ellen,

A comprehensive research of one family >from Lviv revealed to me the system of 'moving' >from family numbers to house numbers to modern addresses of street name and number of structure along the street.

In Lviv, house numbers shows by their 'spelling' [how they were written] the neighborhood in which the house was.
Each house number had been composed of a number and a fraction or a number and the letter 'S'.
The number was it sequential building order in town. Thus not necessarily 2 adjacent houses had sequential numbers, if they were not built at the same time. For example, in the research I have done the neighboring house to 527 was house number 444�

The fractions and the letter 'S' expressed the neighborhood in which the house was.
Lviv was divided into 4 + 1 neighborhoods: 1 was 'S' - the old inner city. The Stadt. The downtown.
There were 4 residential quarters. Thus all fractions has '4' in it denominator.
1/4 was Halickie quarter/neighborhood, 2/4 was Krakowskie quarter/neighborhood, 3/4 was Zolkiewskie quarter/neighborhood and 4/4 â?? Lyczakowskie quarter/neighborhood.

However, it was even more confusing. I found house #527 in each quarter !
Most probably the 4 houses were built more or less at the same time. Each in another neighborhood.
Only following a certain surname enable me to know which house #527 is the one related to this research.

For finding which houses were in the same neighborhood one has to follow and collect all houses with the same fraction.

I found both house numbers and modern addresses for the same family/house in 19th century directories in .
In 1871 directory, for example, I found a page showing the researched family with their house number, before-modern-street-naming street name and it modern address.

Irit Shem-Tov

From: Ellen Korpi <>
Date: Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 3:52 PM
Subject: [ukraine] House Numbers on Lviv Records

Is there any way to correlate the Lviv house numbers >from the 1800s with
actual locations to see which houses were in the same neighborhood?

Ellen Korpi
Wellesley, MA


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