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Dear Gen'ers,

I am sorry for a typo contained in the third paragraph of my original
email below, now corrected in this resend. Baruch Shalom KUPINSKY was
married to Sheine Channa YUDELEVITCH, daughter of Aryeh YUDELEVITCH.

My grandfather had various names: Mendel Echileff Micheleff KUPINSKY,
later known as Mendel E. M. KUPINSKY, then Michael E. M. KUPINSKY
COOPER, and finally as Mike COOPER. He died in 1955, age 75, in
Leeds, UK. His first wife was Adelaide (Ada) GORFUNKLE, who he
married in Liverpool, UK in 1912. Ada passed away prematurely in
1926, and he subsequently married Annie Constance Edith BROWN in 1926
in Briggate, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK.

His marriage certificate shows his father as Echileff Micheleff
KUPINSKY, with no other details about his father. His father may also
have been known as Yechiel KUPINSKY. Michael E. M. KUPINSKY COOPER is
said to have been born in Kremenchug, Poltavia, Russia (Ukraine)
around 1880. It was also said that he studied Electrical Engineering
in Vienna, and there are records of his inventions, including a vacuum
cleaner, registered with the British Patent Office.

Anecdotally, his father Echileff Micheleff (Yechiel?) KUPINSKY, may
have been a child of Baruch Shalom KUPINSKY of Kremenchug, Poltavia,
Russia (Ukraine). Baruch Shalom KUPINSKY Born abt. 1835 was married
to Sheine Channa YUDELEVITCH, daughter of Aryeh YUDELEVITCH and at
least two of their children were Sonia KUPINSKY Born and died in
Kremenchug, Poltavia and Pesia (Bessie) KUPINSKY, born 1862 in
Kremenchug, Poltavia, Died Wellington, New Zealand, August 1936.
Michael E. M. KUPINSKY'S father, Echileff Micheleff KUPINSKY, said to
be a son of Baruch Shalom KUPINSKY, but may have been a nephew and I
would like to know for sure in order to close this connection in the
family tree.

As a complete novice to genealogy, can anyone help me determine any
more about Michael E. M. KUPINSKY COOPER (Mike COOPER) did he have any
siblings? How can I find out more about his father, Echileff
Micheleff KUPINSKY, and determine his relationship to Baruch Shalom

As an aside, my mother, Ruth KUPINSKY COOPER (TENSER) was born in 1915
in Aberdeen, Scotland, before moving with her parents, a few months
later, to Liverpool, UK. I would be very Interested to find out why
her father, Michael E. M. KUPINSKY COOPER was living in Scotland at
the time, having previously lived in Liverpool.

PS. Thru JewishGen, I discovered a second cousin, twice removed, who
lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has created a family tree on my
mother's side (KUPINSKY), containing over 1400 names ... but I am
posing the above questions in an effort to "prove" the relationship
between Michael E. M. KUPINSKY COOPER and Baruch Shalom KUPINSKY.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Adrian Tenser
Toronto, Canada

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