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Herbert Lazerow

You are trying to find your relationship to the Louis Hochman family
in Detroit. It is difficult to help you because you did not include the
family story about the nature of the relationship. To paraphrase the
Cheshire Cat's statement to Alice, it is hard to tell you which way to
go when I don't know your destination.
The census seems to tell you that Louis was naturalized in 1917.
That would have automatically naturalized Esther, as before 1922 a wife
took the nationality of her husband. It probably would also have
naturalized the kids born outside the U.S. If you are looking for a
connection with the Hochmans in the old country, you want Louis' petition
for naturalization to discover where he was born. There is probably an
index to Michigan naturalizations, but you don't know whether they were
in Michigan in 1917. If they are there for the 1910 census, that would
be pretty good evidence. Or perhaps they are listed in a pre-1920 Detroit
City Directory.
The Social Security Death Index reports the death of Harry Hochman
b. 1910 in 1979, with a last residence of Southfield MI. Harry had a flock
of sisters and a daughter. To discover their married names, you probably
need the Michigan marriage index. >from there, the Michigan birth index
might give you the names of living descendants.

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