Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: "Haschevater Aid Society," NYC #ukraine

Emily Garber

Adam Goodheart <> wrote:
I have a relative buried in the Haschevater Aid Society section
of Montefiore Cemetery in Queens.

Can anyone identify the town that this would be associated with? It
would probably be in the Ukrainian region of the Russian Empire. I've
been unable to find any references online except a few entries in the
JewishGen Worldwide Burial Registry.
Check out the JGSNY database "Burial Societies in the New York
Metropolitan Area."

It allows one to query by the first four letters of the society name.
My first two tries on the full name and then "Hasch" did not work.
Then I tried "Hash." Worked like a charm! They list the town as

If this strategy had not worked, I would have suggested calling the
cemetery and asking them for their contact for the society. Then I
would have called that person and asked them.

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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