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Jewish Agricultural Colonies in the Southern Ukraine

News and updates December 2013

To mark the 100th anniversary of the arrival in Australia on December 8th,
1913 of Tessie Freedman (Chaim's mother) with her parents Zalman and
Chana-Reizel Komesaroff, the following material has been added to the site.

Added to the Family Histories and Memoirs page:

Rabbi Pinkhas Halevi Komisaruk
1830-1897. Biography of the rabbi of Grafskoy.

William Comisarow's Memoirs, details of life on the colonies.

Tybel (Tessie) Freedman, nee Komesaroff/ Komisaruk Ancestry >from Colonist

"Our Fathers' Harvest" , Chaim Freedman's first history of the colonies,

Grafskoy resurrected - recreating one's ancestral home
A merge of maps and satellite photos to identify the structures in Grafskoy.

Mariupol Pogrom 1905, by Leo Yarutsky.
Mariupol pogrom 1905 list of victims.

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel
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