Ukraine SIG #Ukraine RE: Self-perceptions and definitions of Jews in western Ukraine #ukraine

Doug Cohen

My family came >from Olyka (Olik, in Yiddish), situated between Rovno and
Lutsk, in Volhynia (Volin in Yiddish). My third cousin, Marla Goldman (whom
I found through a JewishGen discussion group 10+ years ago) said that her
grandmother had quite emphatically described herself as ">from Russia" not
from Poland or Galicia. I don't remember my grandparents as having made any
comment on the subject, but they were active in a Volin landsmanschaft.
Cousin Marla's grandmother was my grandfather's first cousin, so I would
expect that he would have self-described the same was as her grandmother.

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA
Sarasota, FL

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