Ukraine SIG #Ukraine New Kherson town and gubernia KheilaLinks website is requesting information. #ukraine


We are in the process of creating a JewishGen KehilaLinks website for the town and gubernia of Kherson, Ukraine.

We would like people who have roots there to submit material for the website. You can submit photos of the town, photos of people born in the town, postcards,and family histories. Also very helpful would be a descriptive narrative mentioning all the generations, who married whom, what they did for a living, where they lived, their migration, documents you may have received >from Kherson, etc. We would be grateful if you will help us "populate" our new website with materials about our ancestral town.

If you can help with this, or if you have any other ideas, please write to us directly at ruthw95@....

Charles and Sylvia Walowitz. Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Waibsnaider, Perman, Kozodoy, Elimelekh, Minond, Liponevzky, Shurkhin, Ber, Gershman, Seltzer, Salzman, Grinker, Spiegel, Broder

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