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There is a wonderful (I would expect) resource of 26 volumes published
between 1967 and 1974 entitled A History of Cities and Villages of the
Ukrainian SSR.  They were published in Ukrainian and later some volumes
were translated into Russian.  You can read more about the history of
this publication >from the website HalGal at

I am seeking a translation (if there is one) or the original text of the
entry for Stavishche in the Kyiv Oblast volume.  I'd also like the entry
for Zhashkov if that exists.  

If anyone is aware of translated text for these two shtetls, please
respond privately. I have found that some university libraries hold
these books in their collections, but nothing is near me. 

Also, in 1992 A Study of A History... was written by Adrian Karmazyn
and published in English as a research report through the Canadian
Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press.  The short book describes the
undertaking behind the research and publication of the 26 volumes,
the contents included, and some highlights >from the History.  There
is a complete translation of the essay on Chornobyl.  I requested
this title through Inter Library Loan >from my local library.


Researching: LINDERMAN, PLOTINSKY, SKLARSKY (Zhashkov, Stavishche - Kyiv);
JAFFE, KUDLER (Anyksciai - Lithuania); POSMANICK (Mykolaiv - Kherson

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