Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Re: Rovnoye or Rivne or something similar near Yelisavetograd (Kirovograd) #ukraine

Susan Steeble

Sheila Toffell posted:

"My Maternal grandmother always said she came >from Yelisavetograd
(Kirovograd) ... her great niece ... told me that the family came from
Rovnoye - she wanted to make sure that I understood that it was NOT
Rovno, but it was not far >from Yelisavetograd."

I have a map that shows Rovnoye just a few miles southwest of
Kirovograd. I can't refer you to the original source, but the map
appears on a family genealogy site for the Sambursky family:

On Google maps and others, you can find the small town of Rivne at the
same location (not far >from highway M-13, southwest of Kirovohrad), so
that must be the modern spelling in Ukrainian. Don't confuse this
Rivne with the larger one (Rovno in Russian), which is the capital of
Rivne oblast in western Ukraine.

Susan Steeble
Baltimore, MD

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