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Igor Holyboroda

If the records >from the Rabbinic school exist they should be in
Zhitomir oblast archive - as the seminary was in Zhytomyr, and the
Volyn gubernia records are in Zhitomir oblast archive now.
As I remember when I have been working in Zhitomir oblast archive
there were some records on the Jewish educational institutions in
Zhitomir but not many.
Igor Holyboroda,
Lviv, Ukraine.


Subject: Zhitomir Rabbinical Seminary
From: "David Goldman" <lugman@...>
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2014 23:06:34 -0500
X-Message-Number: 1

Greetings. I have just joined the SIG.
>from among a bunch of old letters in Russian that I have been reading that
my great-great-grandfather, Naftali Binder, attended the
government-sponsored rabbinical school in Russia, in Zhitomir, which was
open between 1845 and 1885, and which served as a teacher's college for 10
years as well. It was closed down in 1885.

Does anyone know if it is possible to find any records >from that
non-traditional (government-sponsored and initiated by maskilim) school
where he must have been in the 1860s?? I was thinking that the records may
have disappeared since it was only in existence for 40 years and closed down
almost 130 years ago.

David Goldman

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