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Emily Garber

Yael Polat <> wrote:
I found two relatives, coming in 1908 to the States (Goldin from
Mogilev, but it's not the issue).
I can't find them in censuses later, 1910, 1920 etc..
I understand, there are many explanations to that: change of names or
spelling, moving to Canada etc.
Any ideas to find a hint to what happened to them?
It's hard to tell what information you may have on the manifest, but
the first thing I would suggest (if you've not already done this) is
study the manifest and look for those mentioned in the columns that
indicate who they were joining in the US and who they'd left behind in
the old country. There may be names and addresses that may serve as
clues for further searching in the USA. Search on as many relatives
and friends as you imagine. You may find your immigrants as witnesses
living with or near relatives or as witnesses on documents.

I had a similar problem a few years ago with Feiga who'd arrived in
1922. I could not find her where I expected in NYC. I decided to
search using Steve Morse's Gold Form on the same surname >from the same
town in the old country. I (amazingly) located two teenage sisters who
had arrived in the US about a year earlier heading to Kentucky. I
tracked them and by studying the people they went to in Kentucky was
able to trace one of the sisters to Cincinnati in the 1930 census
where she was living with her mother Fannie (aka Feiga). I wrote about
8 blog posts about that search starting with

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ

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