Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Poltava Gubernia Address-Calendar now searchable #ukraine

Logan Kleinwaks

The Poltava Gubernia Address-Calendar for 1904 is now full-text
searchable at This is the first addition
for Poltava Gubernia (which is also included, however, in directories
of the entire Russian Empire). Searches with default options will
include this directory and all other sources. To restrict a search to
just the 1904 Poltava Gubernia Address-Calendar, append {d1006} to
your search term, like this: segal {d1006}.

Note that the directory is written in Russian, but you can search in
Latin letters thanks to built-in automatic transliteration. Or, you
can search with Cyrillic spelling. Search results link directly to
the corresponding images on the website of the State Public Historical
Library in Moscow.

To see a list of other sources of Ukraine SIG interest included in the
search engine, check
and the Russian Empire entries at

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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