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Liz Hanellin

Dear Ukraine SIG,

My last name is HANELLIN. My paternal grandfather Abraham's family was >from Ekaterinoslav, but I don't know whether >from the town or the gubernia. Abraham came to the U.S.A as an infant, with his parents and seven brothers (another brother was born here). They came in two batches -- in 1903 as HANELUN via Antwerp and in 1904 as HANELIN via Bremen. Abraham's parents were Saul/Sol (Schewel) and Clara (Chasse) (nee CHAIKIN), but I do not know the names of their parents. (As of yet, I have not been able to locate Saul and Clara's burial locations in the New York area, but I haven't lost hope and perhaps their stones will give me information as to their father's names).

Our name is pronounced with an emphasis on the first syllable; however, I was always told that in Russian it was pronounced as GANELIN or GANYELIN, with an emphasis on the second syllable.

On the manifest of some of the family members who came over together, their town of residence is listed as Sedrinska. I am assuming this is the shtetl of Shchedrin, in Belarus, and not the town in Siberia, Shadrinsk. So, the family must have traveled or moved to Shchedrin on their way to moving to America. I also found the names GANELIN or GANELLAN listed on the Shchadryn (Shchedrin) Kehilah Link. Perhaps they had family there. On the manifest of the remaining family members, their residence is listed as Cota which might be Ekaterinoslav, perhaps unspellable by an official who didn't speak Russian and was in a hurry.

I have found enlistment records for a few of the brothers here in the U.S. that list their birthplace as either Ekaterinoslav (WWI enlistment papers) or Dnipropetrovsk (WWII enlistment papers), so it seems that they identified themselves as coming >from there and that Shchedrin was a temporary residence.

The only other family lore I have is that the family were inn owners at some point, something I find no doubt inappropriately romantic.

Could anyone make any suggestions as to a good starting point for my research? And if there are any HANELLIN/GANELIN researchers out there, I'd love to hear >from you. CHAIKIN too.


Liz Hanellin, New York City

Also researching: SHUKET >from Lypovets, Kiev

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