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Doug Cohen

Supposedly, if your older sibling had been drafted, you were, at least
theoretically, exempt. But as it got harder to find Jews to draft, the
standards were less frequently followed.

Doug Cohen
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Sarasota, FL

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My paternal great great grandfather, Chayim Mikhel, was born to Avraham and
his wife in 1824 in Bazaliya, Ukraine. Three years later, military
conscription for Jews was mandated, so - according to family lore - Avraham
arranged for the local VERBUKH family to legally adopt Chayim Mikhel to
avoid conscription. The results of recent DNA testing suggest that the
Verbukhs were not close relatives.

For many years, I have tried unsuccessfully to discover the correct family
line for Chayim Mikhel and his parents as adoption records, as well as any
earlier records, appear to have been destroyed. One family source stated
that Chayim Mikhel initially had the surname of HORNSTEIN - but this is
unconfirmed by any evidence.

I would love to trace my direct paternal line further back, but if I can't
do so, I would at least like to confirm the family story:

Did the legal adoption help to protect Chayim Mikhel >from conscription? If
so, does that mean he had at least one older (or younger) male sibling? Is
there a reference that explains how adoption was protective?

Any light that could be shed on this would be most appreciated.

Mel Werbach
Los Angeles

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