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Liz Hanellin


My grandmother, Lillian SHUKET, and her siblings, were born in Lipovets (Kiev Gubernia). She came to the U.S. in 1923. 

I recently found a photograph >from "the old country" that is labeled "Uncle Yolek Shuket" -- this is a family member of whom I was not previously aware. He would have been the brother of Lillian's father, Samuel ("Shmiel") SHUKET. Samuel's father was David SHUKET and his mother was Breindel (humorously listed on Samuel's death certificate as "Branudle"). 

As best as I can tell, Yolek is a nickname, but I am unclear as to what it is a nickname for.

There are two SHUKHATs listed in the Kiev Gubernia Duma Voters List (1907) who are >from Lipovets: Volko and Ionl; their patronymic is Duvidov. Could either one of these be Yolek?

Any thoughts?


Liz Hanellin
New York City

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