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Janette Silverman

Many thanks to those of you who are working so hard to
digitize microfilms in our scanning project

raise funds to acquire and translate material
start Town Pages and KehilaLinks
manage projects
recruit volunteers
translate vital records >from the digitized microfilms
translate conscription lists
translate business directories
translate relocation lists
translate correspondence
transcribe ship manifests for re-indexing
update the database management system
moderate messages submitted to our Ukraine SIG Discussion Group
submit messages to our FaceBook page
answer questions
...and more

We are currently proofreading thousands of records >from material that
has been translated and transcribed. We submit records to JewishGen
Ukraine Database when we have a minimum of 1,000 records in the set,
unless the type of records is unique. When we have fewer than 1,000
records, we wait for additional translation/transcriptions of similar
records to be completed.

The status of projects is as follows:
--ship manifest re-indexing project: 2300+ records (currently being
proofread with URLs checked)
--birth records: 5,200+ >from Zinkov, Priluki, Nikolayev,
Mogolev-Podolsky, Zaslav have been submitted to the JewishGen Ukraine
Database. These date >from 1839-1893. There are more records from
Priluki and Nikolayev that are in the process of being translated that
have not been proofread
--relocations: 3300 records of Jews relocating >from Courland to Kherson
in 1837 are being proofread
--1913 Business directory: over 600 records >from Mogilev-Podolsky have
been translated and are in the queue for proofreading
--marriage records: over 350 marriage records >from Priluki, Zinkov and
Mogilev-Podolsky have been translated - these are waiting for additional
marriage record translations. The dates on the records that have been
translated are 1849-1868.
--death records:there are over 7,000 records >from Zinkov, Zaslav,
Priluki, Mogilev-Podolsky waiting to be proofread. These date from
--1875 conscription list >from Zinkov has begun being translated although
we have not yet raised funds to pay for this - the fundraising project
is awaiting final approval - if you want to donate to this project,
please make your donation to the UkraineSIG general fund and email me
your receipt so that I can forward it to the appropriate people.
--The 3,500+ pages that are awaiting translation >from the
Olgopol-Bershad 1875 revision list is awaiting finding a translator. If
you can translate >from Russian and transcribe data onto a spreadsheet
please let us know so that you can be put in touch with the managers of
this project.
--the 500+ records we just received >from LitvakSIG of Jews Under Police
Supervision in 1905 are almost ready to be submitted to the JewishGen
Ukraine Database.

I hope to submit the relocation records to JewishGen Ukraine Database
within the next month - this is an ongoing translation project and we
are less than 1/4 of the way through the 400 pages.

In addition to proofreading data once translations are prepared, when
the type of data is new, such as the relocation lists, we are
responsible for submitting a detailed description of the database - this
is often very time consuming and can require much research in order to
provide a comprehensive description.


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

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