Ukraine SIG #Ukraine kudos to our unsung heroes #ukraine

Janette Silverman

I want to personally thank all our Ukraine SIG volunteers including the
hardworking moderators of the Ukraine SIG Discussion Group, Ukraine SIG
Advisory Board, our translators, those who have taken on projects and
raised funds to acquire documents and get the material translated, those
of you who are scanning documents at the FHC, people who are searching
the internet for "hidden" resources, those who are working with the ship
manifest re0indexing project, people who are developing and maintaining
our database management system, KehilaLinks owners, Town Leaders, the
volunteers who help with websites, proofreaders, historians and so many
more - we have literally hundreds of people working on all facets of
Ukraine SIG.

Where do we need volunteers? We need lots of people who can translate
Russian documents and transcribe those translations to spreadsheets. We
need lots of people with access to FHC to scan microfilms, we need
people to identify documents that we need to acquire and to raise funds
for those acquisitions and for translators.

Please attend our sessions on Thursday, July 31 2014 at the IAJGS
Conference in Salt Lake City to see how you can lend your talents to
Ukraine SIG. The tasks we have taken on are huge and everyone can
benefit >from the data and documentation, but everyone needs to be
pitching in. If you don't have the time to volunteer or think you don;t
have the skills, donations of any amount are gratefully accepted - go to
to "donate" tab on the Ukraine SIG or JewishGen website. Fill out the
form and then either make your donation on-line or print out a form and
mail in a check - choose a project or donate to the Ukraine SIG General
Fund or, especially with the conference coming up, to our Speaker's Fund.

See you in 2 weeks!


Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Ukraine-SIG Coordinator

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