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Hello, fellow Genners!

I'm going through the handwritten notes of my GGGF Leib, and he writes two
things in his very spidery Yiddish handwriting that I can't make out:

- The name of his first child is written as "Hashe Mane" (hey-shin-he mem-a
lef-nun-ayin). I can't tell if this is a girl or a boy, or if that's
really the name.
AFAIK "Mane" (or "Manya") is a girl's name, but we believe his firstborn
was a boy...
He says that Hashe Mane left for America in 1890.

- He writes that in 1874 he got the "vadenvash" (vav-vav-alef-dalet-nun-vav
-vav-alef-shin) and in 1894 he sold it.
AFAIK, "vash" is Yiddish for "laundry", so it appears he had a laundry
concern for 20 years. But what is "vaden"?

Can any of you Yiddish gurus shed some light on these?

Yoel Strimling (Ra'anana Israel)

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