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Paul Finelt

Many of us have heard family horror stories that involve one or more
of our ancestors. Our story follows:

Sometime about 1917, my paternal grandmother Malka, was pushed off a
ferry boat and drowned while crossing the Dniester River near the
towns of Rascov/Vadul Rascov.

The family story says she was pushed off the ferry by thugs who knew
she had valuables on her (they were fleeing Petlura or another
Ukrainian Nationalist gang (sound familiar?)

Her family witnessed the event and were helpless. The found her body
days later and buried her in the cemetery nearby.

There is no doubt about the veracity of the story.

I was wondering if anyone else has heard of similar events in their family.

Thank you for sharing your story, either on or off LINE.

Best regards,
Paul Finelt


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