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I DON'T recall the treats that Joyce Weiss listed in her forum message,
however, her question about treats using rye bread and turnips and
carrots reminded me that many years ago, during a move, I lost my
grandmother's streudal recipe. She was >from Varchevka in the Ukraine,
Podolia province near Vinnytsia and Ladyzhn. (Varchevka was so small, I
can't locate it on the JewishGen maps, but a relative did visit it a few
years ago.) Anyway, my recollection is that this recipe, with very
thin, sweet, crusty dough and walnuts, honey and raisins inside had been
around and identified with the area for a very long time. Does anyone
have anything like that >from their family recipe collection? I'd love
to make it for my own children and grandchildren.
Diana Shaw

On 11/16/2014 12:54 PM, Joyce Zelnick Weiss benandjoyce@... wrote:
My grandmother who came >from the Ukraine used to make me a couple of special treats when I was a child. She said she made these for her children and that her mother had made them for her. One treat was just the heel of a loaf of rye bread on which she rubbed a clove of garlic. The other treat was a little more complicated, but not too much. She would grate a raw turnip together with a raw carrot. To this she would add a little salt and a little oil, mix them together and chill. Does anyone else remember tasting things like this? I thought perhaps it indicated a certain part of the Ukraine that she may have been born in.

Joyce Weiss
Wynnewood, PA

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