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At 00:00 -0600 29.12.2004, robert fraser wrote:
Subject: RE: Judenrat, Vienna - Erich and Grete Breuer
Personally. I find it inconceivable that anyone should want to sell
such a document as a card posted >from Theresienstadt on the open
market. Even if it's of no personal value, it is of value to a keeper
True, but some comments are due. There are many reasons why such
documents could end up in auctions or commercial sales. Some

(1) Many political and non-Jewish persons were imprisoned in Terezin.
Some of the postal cards I saw prove that. Jews are particularly
sensitive and emotional about Holocaust related issues, but that may
not be the case of non-Jews. So they could dispose of such documents
without consideration for their "emotional value".

(2) People in need of money could sell them, knowing that for an
antiques dealer or auctioneer they may have some value, so by
selling them they could make a buck or two.

(3) Written in several languages (mainly German, Hungarian and Czech)
such documents could have been discarded by people who can't read
them or do not know the story behind Terezin.

(4) Again, as much as many of us are emotionally attached to the
remnants of that terrible era, 60 years and 2 generations later that
may not be the case. So a young person, who found old documents in
his/her parents or grandparents home, could easily dispose, sell or
trash them without "emotional regrets".

BTW, Celia raised a *very interesting* issue for us, genealogical
researchers. The auction in question [name omitted] carries daily
thousands of little jewels in terms of documents >from any era. I have
been following them for long and have learned a lot about customs, clothing
and fashion, places (old postcards, try the keywords "synagogue hungary",
no quotes) and alike. A real thrill for weirdos like me :-)

My 2 cents for today
Tom Venetianer <mailto:tom.vene@...>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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