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Great News for the Ternovkaner

1904 Tax List with 465 names of Heads of Household in Ternivka, Name, Given
Name and some Patrimony has been added to the Ternovka Kehilalink.
Analysis of the Candle Tax List Ternivka, 1904 - by Tomasz Jankowski,

This is the first time any names of people living in 1904 have been copied
and added for Ternivka.
The Data will also be put into the Ukraine SIG Database, searchable on
JewishGen also.

Thank you very much to Richie Baum, without his great help I could never
have done it.

The KehilaLinks page is found at
The Candle Tax List will be found under the "People" tab.

Rosemarie Cohen
Ternivka Kehilalink

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