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Yoni Kupchik

Dear all,

As you may remember >from previous posts, the Ukraine SIG has acquired approximately 8,500 images of the 1875 revision lists for the region of Balta (Podolia province). I am now in charge of this project. >from a quick look, the lists contain invaluable information about localities for which these lists may be the only source of information that survived. Among the localities included are Balta, Bogopol, Konetzpol, Golovanevsk, Savran, Bogachevka, Okna, Yagorlik, Goloche, Abazovka, Pokutilovo, Kruti, Rybnitsa, Kodyma, Manchurov, Gershunovka, Gelbinovka and several other colonies >from the region.

We are looking for volunteers to translate the information and enter it to Excel files. If you can read handwritten Russian and translate to English please consider joining this project. For volunteering please contact me at yonikupchik@....

All the best,

Yoni Kupchik

KUPCHIK - Orgeyev (Bessarabia);
GORODETSKY - Teleneshty (Bessarabia)
OKS - Sudilkov, Odessa (Ukraine)
SITNITSKY - Kanev area, Ekaterinoslav area, and other regions in Ukraine;
SHABADASH - Kharkov and other regions (Ukraine)
DORIN - Odessa (Ukraine), Bessarabia;
SHKODNIK - Khoshchevatoye, Odessa, and other towns between Odessa and Uman (Ukraine)
GLUZMAN - Odessa, Krivoye Ozero (Ukraine)
KOSOY - Dobroye and Kherson area, Chigirin and Kiev area (Ukraine)
RABINOVICH - Novi Bug? (Ukraine)

And all of the above in Argentina

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