Szerov, Galicia, Austria #galicia

Shari Kantrow

I finally found my great-grandfather's Max SCHNEIDER's (1869-1938)
naturalization papers, and he declares he is >from Szerov, Galicia, in
Austria. According to the papers, he came to US in 1889. He had six
sons, Sam, Jacob, Irving, Solomon, and Leo. One of his sons, Nathan,
died in 1917. Max was married to Dora MAYER. Max and Dora are
buried in Mt. Carmel cemetery in NY, with the Dr. Nathan Adler lodge.
I have looked on JRI-Poland, but cannot conclusively discern what
town Szerov is today.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I appreciate your help in advance.

Shari Kantrow
Bloomfield, NJ

SCHNEIDER, MAURER: Szerov, Galicia > Brooklyn, New York
MAYER, GENZER: Radomysl Wielki > Manhattan, New York

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