Business Directories for Podgorze #galicia

Pauline Crump <pauline@...>

My Great Grandfather Dawid ABRAHAMER is listed in the 1880
Podgorze census living at house no. 1/13 with Innkeeper as his
occupation. On a visit some time ago I noticed the building called
Pod Czarnym Orlem (Under the Black Eagle) on the north side of the
Market Square. I recently found a description of the building on the
Cracow Travel site:

"The oldest part of Podgorze Market Square is the dense line of
houses on its north western side.... The building most worthy of
attention is No. 13, the former 'Pod Czarnym Orlem' Inn..."

It does seem a very large coincidence, but I wonder whether this
could have been where he was the Innkeeper. Does anyone know of
any local Business directories >from this period which might list the
names of Innkeepers? He was listed as coal merchant in 1870, living
at 1/14. I would love to identify where the family was living. I have
looked in the main databases without success.

Pauline Crump

Researching ABRAHAMER, LIKIER, Krakow, Podgorze, Vienna

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