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Marilyn, sounds reasonable to me that it's the same Pinhas, born 1860.
Can you explain what the Zhitomir synagogue records consist of? As you
may know, there is a fair amount of census data on Jews in Chudnov
located in the Zhitomir archive. Thanks and good luck, Dave Sandler,
Hendersonville, NC

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My research into the YANUSHPOLSKI family of Chudnov, Yanushpol, and the
Zhitomir area is progressing rapidly thanks to all you wonderful people
who have helped me in the last two days. Thanks so much for all the
information and guidance you have provided. I think I have discovered
two great uncles and some possibilities for finding living relatives.

All of my research is based on old synagogue records found by a
researcher in Zhitomir two years ago. The records were sporadic and
some leaps had to be made. Before I proceed I want to make sure these
leaps were legitimate assumptions. Do these assumptions make sense
according to Russian/Jewish naming patterns at the time?

My grandfather was named Mordko-Volf ben Pinhas YANUSHPOLSKI.(b. about
1889) His full name was found on birth records of three of his
children, and those records also included my grandmother, Kreina bat
Gershon. My grandmother's name was Kreina, nee FIGLER. That is how I
know those records actually name my grandfather. The children whose
records were found were born in Chudnov or Visokaya Pech. (Not all
records were found, including my father's, who was born in Chudov in

The researcher also found two records for Moishe, (b. 1897) and Haskel
(b. 1903), both born in Visokaya Pech, of Pinhas Mordko ben Volf
YANUSHPOLSKI , >from Yanushpol, and mother, Rukhiya Hava. (This Khaskel
is the one found on Yad Vashem, born to Pinkhas and Rakhel.) We are
assuming Pinhas is my great grandfather and these two sons were
brothers of my grandfather, or my great uncles.

Finally, she found a record of Pinhas YANUSHPOLSKI, (b. 1860) to Mordko
Volf ben Yankel YANUSHPOLSKI and Genya. We are assuming this is the
birth record of my great grandfather and that his father is my great
great grandfather.

Since I don't have a record that directly ties my (assumed) great
grandfather, Pinhas Mordko ben Volf, to my grandfather, Mordko-Volf ben
Pinhas, is there any reason to doubt that this lineage is correct? Is
there any reason to doubt that the Pinhas born in 1860 to Mordko Volf
ben Yankel is not the same Pinhas who was the father of Moishe and

Thanks again for all your help!

Marilyn Ginsburg, Toronto, Canada

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