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Linda Shefler

I would like to remind people again about this amazing project that
includes over 8680 names (*plus* father's names) of men who lived not only
in Zinkov, but all over Podolia province. The amount of information
included in these records is incredible and should help people
dramatically expand their families, including going back generations.
Unfortunately, the project still is not fully funded (it's only 1/3
funded) and until it is funded, we won't be able to share it.

Amazingly, there are 111 people who are researching just Zinkov, not
including any of the other places that can be found in the conscription
list. If just 60 of these 111 people donate around $35.00 we'll be able
to get this funded and then we'll be able to get it online so everyone can
benefit >from it. A bunch of people who had promised to donate didn't and
we must raise the money to pay Dena for all of the work she did. I'm sure
we can get 60 people to make a contribution of just $35.00.

Contributions of $100.00 or more entitle you to immediately receive the
spreadsheet, without having to wait for it to go online. Please help get
this amazing project funded. Go to JewishGen>donations>UkraineSIG>1875
Zinkov Conscription List. Once you've made a donation, please send me an
email with the amount. Any and all contributions will be greatly

Thank you,
Linda Silverman Shefler
San Francisco East Bay

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