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On Mon, 13 Feb 2012 Jay Lenefsky <>
said to the Gesher Galicia list:

<< I have learned of a possibility that my great grandfather,
Herman GELB, might have come >from a town / village called
Laskow / Lashkov. I have tried JewishGen as well as other
resources to try to learn more about this place. But haven't
found too much. Does anyone else have any information
regarding Jewish life in the place? >>

I can't tell you about life there, but the first part of learning
about a community is figuring out where it was/is and what
it was called.

Laszkow, as it was called when under the Austrian Empire,
was in the Lopatyn Jewish District and Lopatyn Judicial District,
which was part of the Brody Administrative District under the
Austrians. It is now in Ukraine. Laszkow is a Polish spelling
used by the Austrians. It would be rendered phonetically by an
English speaker as Lashkov. According to Where Once We
Walked (Second Edition), when transliterated >from Ukrainian,
it's modern official name becomes Lashkuv. It is 80 km NE of
Lviv, Ukraine, at 50 degrees 15 minutes North and 24 degrees
55 minutes East. Between the World Wars it is reported to have
had a Jewish population of 53 people.

The satellite images on Google Maps suggests it is in good
farming country.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

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