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Rachelle Litt

Hi Genners. You have all been most helpful with past questions so here
is another. What shipping Lines should I be focusing on for emigration
from Soroca Moldova, Chernvitzi Ukraine to Argentina in the early
1900's - about 1930? Most of the family who came to American went by
way of Bremen through Warsaw. Would this be the same for Argentina?
The ship might have might have passed through Brazil first. I am
looking for Meyer Znayde and his wife Tsilya and their children Samuel
and Sarah (there was a third child also but I do not have the name)
.After living in Argentina they left for Brazil and arrived in Brazil
landing at the pier of Santos in 1936. I am looking for this manifest
as well. Sarah was born January 26, 1923, that is the only birthdate I
have. Thank you all in advance for your help.
Rachelle Litt
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Chernvitzi, Starokosyantyniv and Tarnopol

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