Ukraine SIG #Ukraine Finding contact for Wolko Goldenberg from Teofipol #ukraine

Marilyn Levinson

Dear Jewish genners
I have found an ancestor who is listed on the New York Passenger lists
1820-1957 line 21 as Walko Goldenberg who is >from Teofipol Ukraine. This is the home of my
great grandmother whose maiden name was Miriam Goldenberg. I need help
in reading the name and address of the person to whom Walko is going.
I also wonder if any one might take a guess at what the "real" first name
of Walko might be. Could it be Wolf or some variation of Malkie? Wolko was
traveling on the Hamburg line so whomever was putting down his name I
imagine spoke German. Thank you for your help.

Marilyn Levinson
Spring Lake NC
Yanofsky Shepetovka and Ekaterinoslav
Soifer and Goldenberg Teofipol
Rudman Zaslav

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