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Pat Fuller

Fellow Researchers:

About 2 years ago, a newly-discovered cousin on my father?s mother's side
told me a wonderful romantic story that she had heard >from her mother and
grandmother, and since then I have been trying without success to confirm
(or deny) it. According to family lore, our shared great-grandparents,
Nukhim and Hinda FAINBOIM (I don't have Hinda's maiden name), were born
somewhere in Poland (this would have been in the 1850s). Their parents were
killed in a pogrom when they were infants, and they were both sent to an
orphanage in Romanovka, Bessarabia (now Basarabeasca, Moldova), a town on
the Ukrainian border. They grew up together in the orphanage, fell in love,
and were married at age 18.

from this point on, the story is factual: They lived for the rest of their
lives in Romanovka, where they raised their 7 children, one of whom was my
paternal gm, Esther FAINBOIM. Nukhim died of natural causes in Romanovka in
about 1935, and Hinda sadly was killed in the Holocaust in 1941. As one Yad
Vashem Page of Testimony (POT) states, she was killed in a forest near
Zhitomir, Ukraine, while running >from the Nazis in a forest. She was either
85 or 91, according to two different POTs. So her life began and ended with
the horrible violence of anti-Semitism. Other FAINBOIM relatives were also
killed in the Holocaust.

I have done a lot of reading about Poland in the 19th century and have not
been able to find a 'pogrom' or similar event that took place in Poland in
the mid-19th century. Unfortunately, my cousin has no idea where in Poland
they were born. Of course, the borders were fluid in those days, and it
could conceivably have been in Ukraine or Galicia. It seems strange that the
children would have been transported all the way >from ?Poland? to an
orphanage in Bessarabia (near Ukraine). Since FAINBOIM is a fairly uncommon
name, I have looked for FAINBOIMS (FEJNBAUM, FEINBAUM) in Poland and have
found them only in a few towns, mostly around Warsaw, which seems far from
 If anyone can help me shed light on this story, I would appreciate hearing
from you. Thanks so much.
Pat Redman Fuller
Simi Valley, CA, USA

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